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Gift Guide: For Someone With Endometriosis

So I think we're in agreement; endometriosis is pretty awful and comes with a whole heap of unwanted symptoms. Anything you can do to cheer yourself up (if you're a fellow Endo Warrior) or if you have a girlfriend/sister/daughter/friend who’s been diagnosed, cheer them up, will be gratefully received! My Nana always says "A day without a treat is a day wasted", and she's spot on. I hope this list will help! As someone with the illness, these are some gifts I would absolutely love to receive (or already have received and rate).

Some are fun, some are helpful, and they’re all perfect for an Endo Warrior.

YUYU Bottle

These are just the BEST - a hot water bottle that can stretch across your body - how ingenious?! It’s a little life saver when it comes to period cramps or back pain. I have found mine so incredibly helpful and went for a fluffy fleece cover so it’s like cuddling a giant, cosy, slightly hot teddy bear - what more could you want?

Rainbow Pill Box

Pills and meds aren’t the *most* exciting things, and when it feels like you’re on a million and one of them, it can get a little overwhelming. This box is brilliant for organising them, but also rainbow coloured so cute as well! I have one at home and find it so, so useful - plus it’s not too clinical looking; medicinal is never a vibe.

Metal Marvels Bracelet

People who power on with endometriosis are absolute queens, and deserve jewellery that reminds them of this fact. I discovered Metal Marvels about 4 years ago and have 3 of their bangles now. They each have an exceptionally sassy and bold statement engraved into them, and you can get different colours which you then stack. Not for the more sensitive amongst us, they’ll remind your endo warrior of her tenacity and strength (but like I said, they can be a little sassy).

Iheartguts Cushions

These are so much fun! I currently have an ovary and my fiancé has a testicle - bonkers, I know, but really cute. They also have a womb, a cervix, a breast and a vagina. Honestly - just take a look.


This one is for those Laparoscopy Qweens or Endo Belly Gals who want something COMFY, because when you’re feeling sore and bloated, loose clothing is key. I know nighties can seem a bit old lady-ish (nothing wrong with that, I’m so here for cups of tea and early nights!) but they’re soooo good when your tummy isn’t playing ball and there are actually some really cute ones out there. I have a fleece one I bought from M&S last year and it’s the cosiest damn thing EVER. Wouldn’t be without. Here is one I’ve found for this year.

Vagina Problems

Disclaimer: I have not read this book (yet!), I do however follow its author on instagram and she is a fierce advocate for women’s rights so I believe in its contents. It’s so important to realise you’re not alone when suffering with something like endometriosis; doctors can indirectly and accidentally make you feel isolated, so reading a book written by someone who totally gets it is a must.

Electric Blanket / Heat Pad

If you’re going to have a flare up and inevitably spend a fair amount of time in bed (especially during the winter), the last thing you want are chilly sheets! An electric blanket is our saviour in our house from October until March, and makes staying in bed all that more inviting. If you want something a little more turbo charged, a heat pad will concentrate all its warmth into one area which does wonders for achy muscles and period cramps. The. Best.

Dressing Gown with a hood

Personally, I don’t see the point in having a dressing gown if you ain’t guna commit, and by commit I mean have a hood. Why own a snuggly piece of clothing if it can’t engulf your head as well?! The more the merrier! Bad mood? Dressing gown on. Good mood? Dressing gown on. Poorly tummy? Dressing gown ON.


Another failsafe - no one wants cold feet, least of all when they’re already feeling a bit down in the dumps. These super cute booty styles ain’t slipping off any time soon!

Mug for Tea

I know I can’t speak for everyone, but in my opinion warm drinks are good for the soul, and how much better is that warm drink experience, if it’s happening in a fancy ass mug?! This is currently my favourite; the colours, detail and gold accents are so pretty, and the fact it’s personal (initials) is just an added bonus. They’re from Anthropology so a little bit on the pricier side, but 100% worth it for the boujee-ness.

Happy Shopping! x

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